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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Battlefield: Bad Company Demo Codes


These are gone now. Mostly to the first to the door and I still have the emails from those that didn't get to snag one. If EA can shake loose a few more, I'll give those precedence.

If you didn't tell me which system it was for - send me a follow up email even if you didn't get a code. It will help if a new batch comes up. New batch will be alerted in a new post.

Thanks for everyone who wrote in!

I (and probably a decent number of other bloggers) have been given a handful of codes for the upcoming Battlefield: Bad Company demo arriving June 5th for both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. To get your hands on one (and you don't already have my IM/Skype/email/phone number/postal address/blackmail) - just send an email to the email over in the Hate Mail section of the right nav. I won't promise first come, first serve - but if you say nice things about me in the email it might help your cause.

Update: - It will also help your cause to send me your XBLA/PSN ID. Not required, if you're really shy (and I'm not even on XBLA anyway) ... but I figure it's a good way to track the handouts.

Here's a teaser:

Thanks to Andrew over at EA for dropping these by.

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