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Friday, September 07, 2007

Big Brain Upgrade

For the CheapBox++ last night. Installed a Pentium 4 3Ghz and 2GB of RAM. Was pretty damn easy, except for nearly losing a finger to those darn retention arms on the heatsink. The Girl and I discovered those are best accomplished with two man teams.

BioShock plays at full clip with a 1024x768 resolution keeping all the bells and whistles, or 1280 with a most of the fancy rendering features turned off. I'll have to see whether this means the machine has a new lease on life for upcoming titles like Unreal Tournament III (which I imagine will be even more intensive than BioShock).

Course, now I have a Celeron D and some old RAM chips laying around.


Mark said...

Woohoo! time to drag out and replay some of those old favorites in the way they were always meant to play. like Quake 2 or NOLF in all their 1680x1280 FSAA glory

Josh said...

If I could find a single install disc, probably would :) I think I've played Half-Life five times just because of hardware updates.

I'll settle for trying recent games like Quake 4 that brought previous iterations of the CheapBox to tears before.