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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Time Shifting Confuses Jericho Ratings

Fans did their best to save ‘Jericho’, even sending CBS 25 tons of peanuts. And CBS reversed its decision, though only for 7 episodes. But they do so with a plea: don’t time-shift it!
-- Want to Keep ‘Jericho’ on the Air? CBS Pleads with you not to Tivo It

Apparently the time shifting threw off CBS' initial tallies for the show. Wonder just how badly Neilsen is keeping up with the new technology after all - and how much I can blame that on my Studio 60 getting canned!


Corvus said...

Speaking of Studio 60, I'm curious as to your response to this blog post.

Josh said...

It's interesting. I can't entirely disagree with it - especially the time format and some of the content Sorkin depicts (which was a huge beef with reviewers who felt it was more of fantasy/script version of Hollywood life).

But I don't agree with the acting bits, which I think were pretty solid - and mostly I think the show has a lot of meat on it which could be salvaged. I like it fine as it is, but if NBC decided to keep it but transfer it to half hour formats and shift cast or characters somewhat, I'd go with it.

I think some of this is just Sorkin. Sports Night - it's hard to see the brilliance of that show until you get nearly done with the first season.