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Monday, October 02, 2006

What Is Microsoft's November Surprise?

Furthermore, Microsoft has previously stated that the company has "a number of surprises up our sleeve" for the 360 in Q4 of 2006 - but these surprises are probably content and feature announcements as opposed to price-drop related, and news from the recent X06 conference of the addition of 1080p support, HD-DVD availability, and an extra Halo game from Peter Jackson, suggest this year's surprises are over.

Due to these rumours and statements, a number of industry pundits are suggesting the drop will come in to effect at a similar time as the launch of the Playstation 3, to inflict maximum damage on Sony's launch. But despite all of this, it still seems a price cut in 2006 is highly unlikely for two reasons.
-- Xbox 360 price drop rumoured

Price drop seems to be the pundit favorite, but this armchair analyst kinda doubts it. Microsoft is already losing a pretty penny over the 360 and until the next revision is ready for primetime - they won't be taking any cuts. In fact I'd guess that they're willing to hedge their headstart to see just how slow the PlayStation 3's growth is at start before even cutting prices to match any lower production costs.

Course the recent X06 event had plenty of media bullets to fire off - so maybe the November surprise came a little early this year.

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