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Monday, October 02, 2006

Urban Adventure Games

Time was ticking away on Toronto's first glimpse of a new urban adventure game called Waking City, the latest in a recent explosion of games turning the concrete jungle into a playground. In Waking City, players spend two weeks — and $28 registration fee — racing across the city, uncovering a looming disaster and, ultimately, if they make the right decisions, avoiding it. There is no prize, as teams are gradually nudged into one heroic herd, tasked with saving the world.

On Wednesday night, 20 or so people gathered in Sibelius Park in the Annex hoping to stop the clock by piecing together the strangest mystery Toronto has ever known.

The idea behind Waking City, a first-time production by a group called TorGame, is that the city remains oblivious while some 100 people in 20 or so teams, race to bizarre destinations — parks, heritage buildings, monuments and businesses — at all hours eager to solve an unfolding mystery.
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It's like an ARG meets a murder mystery dinner party. Sweet.

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