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Thursday, April 29, 2010

TV Watch: Shows You Probably Should Be Watching

No Lost last night, so let's do a quick rundown on shows you really shouldn't be missing right now:

I was luke warm to warm on the show last season, but Season Two has been particularly good and I'm already getting somewhat stoked for the next season. They're moving away from a disassociated monster-of-the-week style plots and getting more and more intwined with the rather interesting backstory. And if you missed the time-travelling episode with Petere "Buckaroo Banzai" Weller - well, you missed one of the best time travel stories ever put to screen.

I'll admit to a certain overzealousness about this show. But look: Timothy Olyphant was clearly engineered, possibly by aliens, to play a cowboy. It's co-produced by Elmore Leonard and based on one of his shorts. He spends most of his time battling either racist hicks or the Miami Mafia. It's not going to have the most complicated story arcs on television, but it is clever, fun and terribly fun to watch.

Doctor Who
OK, so kind of a lateral toss here since American viewers need to find sneaky ways to catch the latest of this BBC show. And if you haven't caught up on all the previous seasons, don't start this one. So, because I know several Cathode Readers are way behind on Who, I'll be mysteriously brief: it's actually more of the same than it might seem, but that is a good thing.

And I'm going to toss in a quick plug for .comEDY, which you can't see because it hasn't actually aired yet. Actually, still in production. But it's in production by long time Cathode Tan secret decoder ring wielder The Futon Critic and loosely based on some of our mutual history. Thankfully not about the time we broke into a secret government and released that zombie virus thing. Because woah. That would be embarrasing.


Mark said...

I'd say that if you haven't watched ANY previous episodes of Doctor Who (be they classic or modern), the fifth season is the PERFECT place to start.

With a new Doctor and companion team the show is effectively rebooted. Everything you need to know about the show's premise and its two main characters are revealed in "The Eleventh Hour", the first episode of the new season.

Even if you've missed that episodes (although keep an eye on BBC America for repeats), you can pretty much jump in anywhere. The show isn't as continuity-laden or newbie-unfriendly as some people like to think.

Josh said...

It's true, there is a certain newbie-friendly to the show in general. It's not like brand new viewers are going to suddenly need to look up who the Daleks are (even if they have never heard of them) and the story arcs are well contained within a few episodes.