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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

TV Watch: Lost, Happily Ever After

About half way through this episode, I was really bemoaning the fact that it was clearly going to be a LA X heavy one - but I think the clever use of Desmond pulled it out in the end.

There's a "have cake, eat cake, still want cake" problem here - I've been mentioning nearly every week how the LA X world is clearly not "real" and yet we've only gotten a few nudges from the writers that anything is going to actually happen about it ... well, now something is clearly going to actually happen about it. Desmond "I have a constant" Hume is going to tie the whole thing together. Old Mr. Hume may have just been upgraded to one of the more important characters in the story, and I'm hoping this time it won't be quite the "time traveling Jesus" style that it was before (which resulted in sometimes clever, sometimes annoying results).

My real issue with this episode is that it spent a great deal of time unravelling a lot of details we sorta already knew - primarily that the LA X world is a construct and not an accidental one. However, bonus points for making "love" the key ingredient in poking through the veil of construct without making the average viewer wanting to puke sugar. The final scene with Desmond was touching and fun, not disgustingly romantic.

The question for me is - is Desmond walking behind Sayid in the jungle or driving around with George ... or both? He's the only character who appears aware of transitions between the island and LA X, and they're coordinated so it isn't necessarily like he is simply remembering one during the other. Course, the entire episode took only a few minutes to him "island time" ... so perhaps he can multi-task competently.

So not a lot of exciting reveals, but certainly a major plot push forward. We have some serious movers on the island now - Richard, Man in Black, Widmore and Desmond. This isn't a simple battle between opposing forces anymore.


jvm said...

Two things. First, I think Desmond is like the intersection of two curved surfaces. So it isn't "is he in this or is he in the other?" as much as it is "he is in both simultaneously".

Second, and I'll preface by saying that I haven't thought about Desmond's previous episodes in a long time, I think that Desmond being in two realities simultaneously is completely in alignment with what happened to him before. The difference is that previously he was in several different times and locations nearly simultaneously (although to us they were sequential, and it isn't clear they were sequential to him) and they appeared to all be part of the same reality.

Remember the diagram of the tessaract in a wrinkle in time? What happened to Desmond previously was that a single (space-time) strand was folded up so that multiple space-time points intersected right where Desmond was.

Now there are two strands -- two different realities -- and Desmond is on multiple point on both strands simultaneously.

Simply put, he has become somewhat omnipresent temporally in two different realities. He has just become extremely powerful, I believe, because he can know and do many things that the other humans cannot.

He will replace Jacob.

Josh said...

I kinda like that theory - more than the "obvious" choice of Jack since, well, it's Jack - or the fan fave of Hurley - which would be somewhat heart warming yet goofy.