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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fate Of PS3 Sacred 2 Patch Seems Uncertain

While we love Sacred 2 here at Cathode HQ, there is quite a bit that we'd love to see fixed, not the least of which being to actually trade items with each other in offline coop. A European patch was rumored to have been released, but a recent post at the forums for the US publisher, CDV, indicates no release date and please stop asking since they have no control over it.

When I tried to contact Ascaron, the developer, on it, I got rather swift, possibly automated, and somewhat ominous reply:

Dear Customer

the support for this game will be terminated on the 29.05.2009.

Sincere thanks to everyone who has supported us. We have had a fantastic time, and could not have done it without all you.

Your Ascaron Technical Support Team

so long and thanks for all the fish ...

Since there is planned DLC for the PC version, I wonder if they dropped PS3 support.

Update: Looks like a patch was submitted to Sony. Ascaron maintains console patch status in a forum post (even if you can't them via email)


Liubee said...

The support for Sacred 2 is at Koch Media, not at Ascaron. Ascaron are the developers, Koch Media and cdv are the publisher. Ascaron is not doing any support directly anymore.

This has nothing to do with the console patches.

Josh said...

If you had bothered to read the link in the first paragraph, you might have noted:

The games developer (Ascaron) decides when and if any patches are released and not the games publishers!

From cdv.

Liubee said...

Yup, did it. A company developing a patch for consoles is the one who makes the patches, but the submission to Sony/MS is something only the publisher is doing. The publisher gets the patch from the company and cares for the rest.

However,I did not speak about the patch himself, but about the email quoted there. Ascaron has no own support team anymore, the support is completely done at Koch Media (for EU) and cdv (for US).
The autoreplay I see there is something I got too as I wrote an email directly to the old Ascaron support.

Josh said...

Well, right - but that's what I'm saying. CDV says they have no patch to publish, Ascaron isn't answering the phone. So I'm not holding my breath for a US patch at this point.

Josh said...

On a second read, I think I'm chalking this whole thread up to me having a really bad morning.

On more research, it seems Studio II is doing development now, can't track down any contact info on them at all. Apparently a subsidiary of Ascaron.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sucks for all the rest of the people, who are clueless here in the (u.s) that will continue buying it out of the stores, it doesn't work as intended. (You've been warned) I am not even picky when it comes to most bugs but these bugs ruined a game I would otherwise still be playing.

Feb 07,2010.