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Monday, May 04, 2009

Game Play: FEAR 2 Early Play

I was supposed to get something out on FEAR 2 earlier, but I only had a 360 copy on hand and my PS3 copy arrived just around the time of Killzone 2.

Which may be something of an analogy, because I think Monolith's latest is a bit of a sleeper. There is a lot of good packed into this title, including some of the most impressive use of in-game set pieces this side of Valve. The team mines the Japanese horror angle for a great deal of material and certainly pulls no punches when it comes to the plot.

This is not your average shooter by any means. I'm maybe half way through the single player (if that) and the game manages to keep a nice even balance of challenge to the play. There's a bit of monotony to the enemies, but often not to the varied tactics they'll use to try to kill you.

If you are a FPS on a console type person, FEAR 2 needs to be on your list somewhere, even if it is a must have rental. I'll be finishing out the single player and getting into the multiplayer later this week.

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