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Thursday, April 16, 2009

TV Watch: Lost, Some Like It Hoth

How can anyone argue with a Miles and Hurley episode? I'm still giggling a little from having Mile explain time travel to Hurley in the previous episode, and the comparison of their "powers" was just a great bit of awesome. That the entire plot ends with a joke about Empire Strikes Back? Golden.

This felt a little more like a first season episode, with an interesting backstory link intrinsically to the island. Although less in general to other Losties, Miles' connections to the island seem pretty obvious, with that "guy from all those movies" and all.

Island-wise, the whole "shadow of the statue" mystery is getting more ground - and its good to see the writers adding mystery without having to add new random nouns to the overall story (we have plenty to get back to you, thank you very much). Bram is, I guess, an Other from some faction - but it seems odd that he and Ben weren't exactly seen conspiring together. That Ilana has teamed up with him is even odder, considering she seemed like a separate agent aimed at Sayid the whole time. Could the whole thing have been a coup Ben set up before getting back to the island?

Great season so far.

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