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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Why Exactly Does Netflix Hate Blu-Ray So Much?

OK, so I already complained about the tax Netflix has levied for renting Blu-Ray movies. They're more expensive, it's more manpower to sort, it requires yada yada yada whatever. Don't care. Paid it.

But why did they have to break the setup on their site? When I first set my account up for Blu-Ray, it offered and then subsequently updated any film in my Popcorn profile to the format. Perfect. Simple and easy. Was happy as a clam.

When the tax hit, they removed all the preferences. Everything reverted to DVD. I tried to update the profile, but was told I had to do it in the master account. I did that, and told the master account to choose Blu-ray over DVD.

Not only did this decision not descend down to the profiles, but the profiles were automatically set to "let me choose the format". Which I could not actually do since there was no dropdown to do just that. So then I went into the profile itself and was now able to tell it to choose Blu-Ray instead of DVD - which it also did not do. Instead, now I got the drop down where I could chose the format - but that format defaults to DVD.

Excuse me - I'm paying extra so that I can have worse service than I was getting for free. Anyone want to send the clue train over to Netflixville? I think it missed the stop.

It does at least now add new movies in Blu-Ray, but still - annoying.

Truly annoying.


sterno said...

Strange. I didn't have any problem with this. Everything is set to default to blu-ray. However, sometimes I'll get something in my Queue as a DVD by default because the DVD comes out sooner than the Blu-ray.

Josh said...

I think it's rather sorted now, but what got me was how different it was from when I first clicked the Blu-Ray option.

As an example, we just got Get Smart and it came on DVD and I really had thought it was coming on Blu-Ray. Hence the twenty minutes of my life I just lost trying to figure out why...

Granted, it's Get Smart. I think the upconvert will suffice...