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Monday, October 27, 2008

TV Watch, Heroes: Eris Quod Sum

A pretty even episode, all in all - more of a bridge episode than anything else as with the exception of Sylar and Suresh, very little moved. And in Suresh's case, his flip to Pinehearst happened so fast that I blinked and nearly missed it.

But really my pain point is Claire at the moment. I'm just not buying the whole "going painless breaks me" routine. It feels forced and overwrought. Honestly I would think it would be more logical to become afraid of not being invulnerable than not feeling pain.

A close second is Black Fear. For one thing, the show should avoid any character that is required to describe his power every time it's used. Second, the whole bogeyman routine just doesn't cut it for me - there's not much reason I see for people to actually be scared in the first place.

The plot hangs more or less together and the show is starting to dip into the backstory pretty well. The formula and how it ties into the characters makes for a nice container to the events in general. Heroes confounds me a lot, but I still find it pretty compelling overall.


sterno said...

I'm getting to like dad. He's nicely malevolent. I think the big problem heroes ran into is that they made a story arc that could conclude within on season. If they had drawn the concept out over 5 or 6 years in the first place, it wouldn't feel like they have to restart the show every season. My hope is they are going to build some ongoing conflict that they can build on.

Josh said...

He's growing on me. I'm a bit afraid he's too powerful to keep the plot from growing awry - but that's a risk the show just sort of weathers it seems.