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Monday, July 14, 2008

iPhone Games

What are people playing off the fancy new App Store anyway? I've heard horribly mixed things about the flagship game, Super Monkey Ball. It also occurs to me that some people may have to embrace a two fold app offer - one that is free as a trial and one that is pay. Getting people to pay a couple bucks off a screenshot can be risky business, as my old cell phone can attest.

I have three projects in mind now, but only one with any code to it. Now I just need time, time, time...


TimeDoctor said...

Super Monkey Ball is surprising in that the super monkey in the ball isn't 3D, but is instead a 2D representation of a monkey in a ball.
Besides that, it is what it is, and either you like that or you don't.

Besides that, I've been playing Enigmo, which does seem to be the best game for the platform, so far.

Josh said...

Enigmo did look good at the WWDC keynote. Should be something of a high point, I think, amongst the games out there.

I'm glad to see devs like Freeverse and Ambrosia getting in the action.

And yeah, I wonder if the application of physics against a 3D model was the problem with SMB. I'm sure it would have been framerate related. Accelerometer based games should be interesting, but I think they'll be hard to get really good controls with.