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Thursday, April 17, 2008

PS3 Outsells 360 Again

Might as well let the fanboys have their day as the once maligned console jogs into a (tight) second place.

And honestly, I'm just not buying the shortage thing. I mean, if this was a launch and there was simply no other stock in existence - I might buy it. But it's not like every 360 in the world was suddenly snapped up in December and Microsoft forgot how to make more.

To further disprove this, here's a simple test.

1. Go to any store. Look for a Wii on the shelf.
2. Go look at those NPD numbers again.
3. Discuss.

The Wii has had more supply chain problems than anyone and is smacking the other consoles around like schoolgirls.

Update 360 bounces back in March, although somehow the DS and PS2 still manage to trounce everyone. The PS2? Still?

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