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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Zoonami Hiring (Possible WiiWare Game?)

Brian Barry O' Halloran tips us off that Zoonami is (are?) hiring a Senior Artist/Art Director:

Zoonami are looking for a new Senior Artist/Art Director:

"We are working on a 2D game with a novel visual style. We are
searching for a well rounded artist with a strong interest in 2D to
work on this fully funded title from concept to delivery over the next
6 months.

The work involves all aspects of the game including character design
and animation, backgrounds and objects."
-- Zoonami Assignments

His theory being that it is for an upcoming WiiWare game, as hinted in a recent interview where Z's Hollis mentions, "Hollis: I will reveal as much as I can. We are happily dedicated to Wii, which is a very exciting console indeed, and are working on
multiple projects. Incidentally I believe Wii will capture first place
in this generation of the console race within a year, by all important
measures. I also believe that Wii will change the world."

Interesante. I've noted Zoonami in the past, mostly because Hollis himself had a role in GoldenEye and Perfect Dark.

Thanks Brian Barry!


Barry said...

Muy interesante! My name's not Brian though :-)

Josh said...