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Friday, September 28, 2007

Analysts Say No Clear Console Winner, Again

"Under DFC's best-case scenario for the Xbox 360, the system is in a virtual tie with both the Wii and the PlayStation 3," the analysts wrote. "However, unless the Xbox 360 can kick it into gear in the fourth quarter and through 2008, the system will probably finish in a fairly distant third. A big challenge for the Xbox 360 is building a base outside North America."

As for who will win the console race, DFC said the Wii "could be" the overall winner, but also predicted that the PS3 will hit its stride in 2009, and could finish "a strong second." The firm said that Sony might even bring in more software sales than Nintendo by 2012, even if its installed user base isn't as big.
-- Analyst: No clear winner in this console war

This echoes an IDC report from March for those of you scoring at home. The report also contains good news for the PC market - 80% growth over five years and virtual hotbed for new business growth and genres. Clearly they haven't read my rant from this morning...

Seriously, though, that last bit is worth noting. PC games have one advantage over console games that will continue to be true for some time - low barrier of entry. You don't have to ask Microsoft to release your game on Windows like you have to ask Sony to get on the PS3, or Nintendo to even see what a test unit looks like. It's a ridiculously different playing field in that manner and easily one of the PC's undeniable strengths.

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