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Friday, August 24, 2007

Red Dragon Inn - Fantasy Boozing Board Game

On BoardGameGeek Recent Additions (review):

Ever wondered what happens to a group of adventurers after they return,
victorious, from delving into the darkest dungeons? According to Slugfest
Games' new title, *The Red Dragon Inn*, they head for the nearest tavern and
spend the night drinking, ...
Read Full Article, Red Dragon Inn, The - Review of The Red Dragon Inn

I swear that could be a new genre. The game's apparently just out and is getting pretty decent reviews. Spewglist has another.

I think in honor of Hurricane Dean, though, next Game Night will be a Catan marathon.

1 comment:

Troy Goodfellow said...

I played this at Origins this year. It's a cool enough game. We had some concerns about the balance between the players (the thief seems especially dependent on the gambling game) and I wonder how much durability it has once you've absorbed all the cuteness in the card descriptions.

But it's easy to pick up and is a nice light diversion.