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Monday, July 02, 2007

8 Things Meme

I swear this is just a bloated version of the five things meme Brinstar tossed out some time ago, but I suppose since Thomas beat me at Metroid Hunters as well, I should offer equal treatment. So:

Here are the rules: Eight random facts or interesting lies about yourself. Send me the link to your post when you’re done. Tag 8 more people. Drop a comment on their blog to let them know they’ve been tagged. Don’t sit by your mailbox waiting for thank you notes from those you’ve tagged.

1 I was born on Opposite Day.
2 I've never broken a bone, had major surgery or had any kinds of organs removed. Tonsils and appendix still in check.
3 However, I have the sinus system of the damned. Tiny, tiny ear canals which can lead to seriously nasty things - like going temporarily deaf. An ENT doctor once asked me how many times my nose had broken.
4 I know kung fu.
5 I played guitar somewhat consistently until college - when I sold said guitar for bills and beer money.
6 I never wanted to be in a band or be on stage.
7 I have a deep fear of fire. Not real fire, mind you, but theoretical fire. A campfire? No problem. Thinking that I left the stove on when I left? Freaks me the hell out.
8 Also, bunnies.

If you're reading this - you're tagged. Unless you've done one already. Form a straight line and after eight people - it's optional.

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