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Monday, January 22, 2007

Let Your Wii Meet Your Mac

Wii Transfer is OS X software that allows you to:

• Share MP3 music and pictures to your Wii over local network — new in version 2.0.

• Convert movies for playing in Wii's Photo Channel.

• Copy movies to SD card automatically if connected.

• Browse and convert iTunes video podcasts from within Wii Transfer.

• AppleScript support for automated conversions.

• Backup saved game files to your Mac automatically.
-- Riverfold Software - Wii Transfer

Nice. Found via TUAW. Not being a Wii owner, I don't know how well this would replace AirExpress or Apple TV - but it would be interesting to find out. According to the FAQ, you can't export anything encrypted in iTunes and for movies you have to transfer via a card ... but this is $14 ($9 until the end of the month) and the Wii is cheaper than ATV...

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