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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Eighth Graders Develop Game to Battle Autism

OK, so maybe games can't cure cancer, but they can try to help autism:

The game, Zikhronon, was presented a few weeks ago at a competition in which students from around the country are called on to design games, instruments or devices that can make life easier for individuals with disabilities. Zikhronon took first place in the Quality Product category.

Dr. Roni Geva from the Gonda Brain Research Center helped with the game's development. Geva said turning the game into a commercial product was still a way off, but that it was certainly interesting and required a series of reviews.
8th graders create computer game for autistic children []

I wish I had been doing that kind of thing in eighth grade. More likely was using GOTO statements to fill a screen with naughty words.

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suleiman said...

go israel!